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Maintenance IT Helpdesk

Administration, supervision, inventaires et gestion des incidents informatiques.

Application monitoring

Supervision applicative

Accedez rapidement au statut de toutes vos applications depuis votre PC, tablette.

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Le statut de votre informatique disponible 24/7 sur votre portail SaaS.

  Monitor Linux servers


MonitorPack team provides regular metrics to easily monitor your Windows servers, MonitorPack will monitor all ports allocated for a specific Linux service.

The next sections describe metrics to control. System Overview.

How to create Alert

Open MonitorPack Guard > Expand Monitoring menu > Select manage Alerts. In the MonitorPack Guard Manager panel select your alert type and select "create a new alert"

Monitor daemons by sockets

Subject Daemon Status Port Link
All TCP port 1 to 65535 True
RFC None
TCP SunRPC True/False 11 None
TCP DayTime True/False 13 None
TCP FTP True/False 21 None
TCP SSH True/False 22 None
TCP Telnet True/False 23 None
TCP SMTP True/False 25 None
TCP Time True/False 37 None
TCP DNS Service True/False 53 None
TCP Finger True/False 79 None
TCP Web Server True/False 80 None
TCP POP True/False 109 None
TCP POP3 True/False 110 None
TCP RPC Bind True/False 111 None
TCP Auth True/False 113 None
TCP Login True/False 513 None
TCP Shell True/False 514 None
TCP Printers True/False 515 None