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Maintenance IT Helpdesk

Administration, supervision, inventaires et gestion des incidents informatiques.

Application monitoring

Supervision applicative

Accedez rapidement au statut de toutes vos applications depuis votre PC, tablette.

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Le statut de votre informatique disponible 24/7 sur votre portail SaaS.

Prerequistes to deploy MonitorPack in Workgroup

MonitorPack Guard & Asset need a quick configuration to work in Workgroup context, you have two main ways to implement Monitorpack monitoring & Asset management.

MonitorPack Guard & Asset in Workgroup with Proxy deployment mode

Sécurité Windows
Portfolio #1

Mode Proxy

Installation is made once for the entier site on one machine. MonitorPack Guard & Asset can be installed on a Windows Server or a Workstation.

MonitorPack can act as a Proxy, it means you will monitor and inventory all from one machine, consolidating all information on this proxy and / or to your Web portal for MonitorPack subscribers. All e-mails will also be sent from the MonitorPack proxy.

MonitorPack Guard & Asset in Workgroup with Agent deployment mode

Sécurité Windows
Portfolio #2

Mode Agent

Installation is made on each workstation & servers you will monitor. It is the simpliest way to deploy as the local service account will be the MonitorPack Woindows service account by default and configuration will be simplified.

If you are in a Workgroup you must have the same acount (Login / Password) for each local admin on each computer. A script is availbalbe to automate this process in our documentation

MonitorPack is using Windows Management Instrumentation

MonitorPack solutions for inventories run with Windows Management Instrumentation. Follow Microsoft recommendations